The Military Crimes Investigative DivisionEdit

Commanding OfficerEdit

  • Colonel Refinel Baylor

Xenocriminology and Alien RelationsEdit

  • Major Alfhur Zeuthen
  • Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower
  • Warrant Officer Timus Bradford
  • Sergeant Jeffers Schalt
  • Sergeant Michel Basha
  • Sergeant Devoreus Quinn
  • Corporal Krik "Ghoster" DouPonce
  • Corporal Mercel Unger
  • Corporal Antoniar Casillon

The Trans Paradis Police DepartmentEdit

  • Sub-Orbital Detector Derin Hildreth
  • Sub-Orbital Detector Trevoran McCandless
  • Sub-Orbital Detector Pyoter Vendersen

Citizens of RhysalanEdit


  • Mara Tanabera, a waitress
  • Zek Carter
  • Pernys, a banker
  • Ascathel, a corporate executive
  • Mondereth Platen, Lord Mayor of Trans Paradis
  • Nikal Vorgna, spokesman for the Lord Mayor's office
  • Michael Christchurch, an ensign
  • Hardwig Dunn, a military veteran
  • Corwiss Hagen, General of the Fifth Motorized Infantry


  • Delbert, a Basattrian

Machine IntelligencesEdit

  • Baby, an uploaded military augment (artificial intelligence)
  • Kazi, an uploaded military augment (artificial intelligence)
  • Lt. Grant, a military augment (artificial intelligence)
  • Cara, a prototype military augment (artificial intelligence)
  • Victor, a police augment (artificial intelligence)
  • Matyas, a building augment (artificial intelligence)



  • The Royal House of Morchard
    • Crown Prince Pons-Zoltan Jagaelleon (deceased)
    • Crown Prince Arpad Vladislaus Jagaelleon
    • Queen Beatrice Jagaelleon
    • Prince Janos Jagaelleon
  • Other Morchardese
    • Prime Captain Bram Kotant, security officer
    • Lieutenant Dieter Ten Hannis, security officer
    • Prime Captain Bleck, security officer
    • Annaliese van de Boer, data entry
  • The Corporate Republic of Morchard
    • His Excellency Willem Daendels, Ambassador


  • Gianpaolo Branchini, Tetrarch
    • His Excellency Vittorio Malavasi, Ambassador
    • Giuseppe Andrea Milazzo, security officer


    • Biruwulu-Nenwong
    • Ninar-Tikhan Obukhov, a Novgorovi
    • Enkobar Walrasian, an Antonian, Chief Undersecretary to the Ascendancy Ambassador to Rhysalan
    • Anhyu Kankoku, a pop star

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